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April 26 - May 21, 2016
Gallery I

The Cross Series
Hollis Hildebrand-Mills

Thursday, April 28, 6-8pm

HHM Gabriel

Gabriel, 48" x 72", acrylic, oil and collage on canvas
Hollis Hildebrand-Mills All Rights Reserved Copyright 2016

THE CROSS SERIES - is a collection of nine 4 x 6 foot paintings. This time Hildebrand-Mills' love of collage integrates paint and paper. Materials are not selected for their content, but for their volume, color, value and shape.

The cross is the most basic of symbols, primitive, in that it coincidentally represents vertical man/woman standing in a horizontal world. For the most part, art that is considered successful, art that "works," uses this primeval structure within its various forms. In her work, the symbol of the cross anchors the abstraction, simultaneously triggering the unconscious awareness of this alignment.

The possibly religious content of the paintings takes a back seat to the form. The cross does not merely belong to Christianity.

Hildebrand-Mills uses elements from the paintings of the Renaissance for guidelines to composition: the symmetry and the use of the cross. Wild posting and street art come to mind. The incongruity of this with such a reverent symbol creates a resonance.

April 26 - May 21, 2016
Gallery II

My Old 'New Town' Recollections Vol.3
Masayo Nishimura

Reception: Thursday, April 28, 6-8pm

Nishimura Image

The Elephant & Beauty, 32" x 26 1/4", Color photograph, 2016

This exhibition features color photographs that Nishimura shot in her hometown, Senri New Town, Japan, located just north of Osaka City. The town was the first of the "New Towns"-large-scale residential satellite towns designed by the government throughout Japan in the '60s.

With its posh single family homes, neat apartment complexes, parks, schools, shopping centers, and tree-lined roads, the New Town attracted many young families with children from the beginning. Fifty years later, however, the town's population now has a high proportion of senior citizens and very few children. Scores of houses stand vacant. Nishimura noticed this transformation and started to document the many faces of this aging "model city."

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May 24- June 18, 2016

12th National Juried Exhibition
Juror: Carmen del Valle Hermo
Assistant Curator, Collections
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


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