Exposure 2018


Ceres Gallery presents 10 simultaneous exhibitions each week for 4 weeks with space available for both two and three-dimensional work. Each artist will be able to fully avail themselves of approximately 12-17 running feet of wall space (depending on which wall they are assigned) with 10+ foot ceilings OR approximately 80-100 sq ft of floor space. Each week will consist of 1 artist with work on stands/floor and 9 artists each with work on one of nine pre-designated wall spaces.  


These one-week exhibitions will begin Nov 27 and continue through Dec 22, 2018 at our 2000+ sq ft premiere gallery space in Chelsea.


Ceres will host a wine reception each week for the public as well as for the guests of each artist.


Artists are entirely responsible for delivering, installing and de-installing their own work. Work can be either for sale or not for sale.  Ceres does not take commission on sale of work.


Reservations are limited to 40 artists on a first-come/ first-served basis. Fee payment required for confirmation of participation.


Email Director, Stefany Benson, with any questions:art@ceresgallery.org



547 West 27th St. Suite 201

Chelsea, NYC 10001 


First exhibition will open on Tues, Nov 27. Each week following will have an exhibition opening on Tue at noon and closing on Sat at 6 pm. Installations are on Mon and de-installations are on Sat evening or Sun morning. No exceptions whatsoever.


GALLERY HOURS: 12 to 6 pm. Tues-Sat. and 12 to 8 pm Thu. No gallery sitting required.


Sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, collage, mixed-media and photo allowed. 


On installation day, you must bring your work and remove all wrappings. Ceres has no room for storage and will not store anything for you. You will install your work with your own tools and hardware. We provide advice only. Ceres will light the exhibition. You will provide price list and all other promotional materials. Ceres provides a general postcard for Exposure and sends out an e-card for each week of the exhibitions.


EXPENSES:  $300 payable in advance to reserve your space.

No other fees.



Return this completed prospectus, snail mail or email, with payment: check, cash or PayPal (button found on home page of ceresgallery.org)


A release is included for you to sign while the work is in our possession and constitutes an agreement with the above statements.


Ceres will issue a press release and advertise in The Chelsea Art Map as well as numerous online listing sites. Specific dates for delivery, installation and pick-up will be emailed to you as your exhibition gets closer.



Your art is not insured by Ceres at any time.

Ceres accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to the art by whatever cause.


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