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Our goal is to serve the community by supporting political and creative diversity. This is reflected in the eclectic aesthetic of our Gallery artists and with special programming. Ceres is committed to providing a visual context for our community and an opportunity to all individuals for inventive exploration.

While working together for common goals each artist makes art that comes from a deep commitment to their personal vision. We create in every medium: sculpture, painting and drawing, collage, photography, print-making, installation and video.

We are proud of our popular readings by Poets for Choice, a group of well-known and young poets, which donates all proceeds to Planned Parenthood of New York City and are happy they continue to meet in our gallery. Our annual Friends of Ceres Show continues to be a wonderful month long group show, presenting the work of artists who have been generous supporters of Ceres. We are a member-run gallery and continually welcome new membership candidates. Ceres Gallery artist members meet monthly, sharing thoughts about processes and art making, encouraging and strengthening growth of both the individual and the group.

Ceres would especially like to thank the visitors who attend our exhibitions and programs. Thoughtful and interested viewers are what make art galleries thrive. We sincerely encourage all of you to attend and enjoy our shows and programs in this coming season.

Tania Kravath
Past President





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