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2014-2015 Exhibitions

What We Do:

The heart of Ceres is the exhibition season consisting of solo exhibitions and curated group shows. In addition to its function as a gallery and community network for women artists, Ceres presents a wide range of performances in such areas as music, poetry, and dance. Performance and gallery artists collaborate to curate programs for the season providing an important dialog between different disciplines within the New York community.

If you are interested in becoming a gallery artist of Ceres, a membership application is available by clicking here.

September 2 - 27, 2014

Heidi Kumao
Surviving Confinement: Video Sculpture
JoIntimate image theaters create interplay between projected animations, everyday objects, and the resultant shadows to frame stories about surviving confinement. Individuals endure the absurd by devising a creative refuge for themselves.

Shirley Steele
Hand and Machine

Paintings that evoke the tension of the information age, the human/machine relationship. Computational lines both subvert and enhance the gestures of the hand in paintings that are at once mechanistically algorithmic and organically alive.

Sept. 30 - Oct. 25 , 2014

Madelon Jones
Explorations in Line and Form

Images are on paper often using mixed mediums – painting, ink, etching etc. All the work is abstract and many have a feel of landscape although pared down to the essentials of line and shape and color.

Pat Hill Cresson
Footprints of Birds Series & All Possibilities of Nature

A series of wood panels with oil and wax collage painting documenting imaginary footprints of birds. The prints and ink drawings explore unusual possibilities in nature and its forms.

October 28 – November 22, 2014

Christine Mottau
Landscape Show

Presents the idea of the idealized landscape, the intimacy of the viewer and the environment, and how nature informs the basic concept of aesthetics.

Ayano Ohmi
Recent Work

Ohmi presents her recent investigation of ascending forms in tall and thin charcoal drawings on rice paper, as well as her signature free-standing clay sculptures.

November 25 – December 30, 2014

A unique, rotating exhibition of multiple, one-week, one-person shows bringing the personal vision of a diverse group of artists to Chelsea audiences.

Application is available by clicking here.

January 6 – 31, 2015

Photography Out and Out

Six contemporary women artists working in photography - Pauline Chernichaw, Ellen Denuto, Alice Jacob, Masayo Nishimura, Trix Rosen and Heidi Sussman - challenge society’s conventional perception of individual identity amid overlooked, temporary public and private surroundings.

What we print When we print about love
Six artists with diverse approaches to printmaking: Sherry Camhy, Anita Kunz, Pamela Roule Shields, Lauren Simken Berke, Karen Whitman, and curator Katherine Dolgy Ludwig. The artists explore love in all its iterations.

February 3 – 28, 2015

The First National Square Show and Silent Auction
All Works on paper Are 9” x 9” From Artists Around the country.

Silent Auction: February 12, 6-8pm

All Works From “square show” available For bidding.

March 3 – 28, 2015

Judith Greenwald
Tania Kravath

In this collaborative show, sculptor Tania Kravath and painter Judith Greenwald are responding to Stanley Kunitz’s poem, The Layers. Kravath’s wood and gas fired ceramic sculptures and Greenwald’s sculptural combined media paintings depict the many lives and layers of lives we all experience as we enter our elder years.

March 31 – April 25, 2015

Ann Shapiro
World in Transformation

Symbolically expressing the layers that map earth’s history is the foundation from which to ask questions about our changing planet. The art continues the exploration of climate change – another human-made problem contributing to a new extinction called by many: The Anthropocene.

Ellen Wilkinson
Altered Geometry

New work in ceramics. The artist creates a family of distorted and truncated polygons with which she explores open and closed forms, lines and solids, and surface patterns.

April 28 – May 23, 2015

Chalda Maloff
Rational Exuberance

Maloff’s images emerge from the exploration of the nature of being. Elements suggesting the vastness of outer space visually dissolve into microscopic particles and cellular matter. In the infinite and the infinitesimal, she finds grounds
for optimism.

Nancy Kahlow-Curtis
Mythology of Memor

Memory is an illusion, an ever-changing story we tell ourselves. My paintings are symbols of feelings connected to memories long forgotten or changed by the passage of time.

May 26 – June 20, 2015

Joyce Parcher
A Retrospective
A review of Joyce Parcher’s paintings from her years at Ceres Gallery.

Michelle Stone
I am curious about the process assigned to all life forms, and I wonder about growthtransformation- and decay as it relates to humanity.

June 23– July 18, 2015

Ceres Member Group Show

July 21– August 15, 2015

22nd Friends’ Exhibition
A group show of “ARTIST FRIENDS” who help support Ceres Gallery and it’s mission

August 16 - Closed

2015– 2016 Season opens Sept. 8, 2015
With work by Pauline Chernichaw and Carlyle n. Chaudruc

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