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  Tania Kravath
  Judith Greenwald
  Ornery Abstraction
  Cynthia Eardley
  Marian Osher
Dream Quest
  Roslyn Rose
Ellen Halloran
The Half-Drowned World
  Hollis Hildebrand-Mills
  Phyllis Rosser
Nature Reassembled
  Eight National Juried Exhibition
  Ceres Summer Group Exhibition
  Dare Boles
It Takes A Village
  Sixteenth Annual Friends Exhibition
  Minako Ito
View Collection II
  Christine Mottau
Recent Drawings
  Pat Hill-Cresson
Altered Landscapes: Geometry in Nature and Recent Drawings
  Ann Shapiro
Seas Rising
  Ellen Wilkinson
Pop Ceramics
  Roseanne Backstedt
Intense Departure
Exposure Exhibition
  Rosette Bakish
A Retrospective
"Towing [sic] the Line" A members exhibition
Carole Kulikowski
Fashionable 20th Century Movements
  Meredeth Turshen
Post Scriptum
  Gabrielle Rossmer
Ineffable/Woman: A Bi-Coastal Conversation about Women's Art,
Ceres Gallery NYC & California Institute of Integral Studios, San Francisco CA.
  Jo-Ann Brody
Fugue Forms
Masayo Nishimura
Uptown Bound
Marilyn Banner
Sacred Ground
  Joyce Parcher
The Paradox of Perception
  Carlyle Chaudruc
Grass Paintings
  Cristina Biaggi
A Collage Perspective: Political Collages from 1977-Present
  Shimmerings: A Moment in the Eye
  Seventeenth Ceres Friends:
Communications & Illusion
  Marie Sarni
Inherent Transformations
  Julie A. McConnell
Deliberations on Equilibrium
  Jane Stevens
Dusty's House

Elizabeth R. Weiner-Cohen
Mother Tongue

  Carol Goebel & Annette Lieberman
Responsory:Take and Give
  Exposure Exhibition


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