Ann R. Shapiro


As the climate warms, seas are rising, rainfall and wind patterns are changing and these factors are contributing to a shifting landscape – what was high is now flat, what was flat is now a sinkhole or a small mound or hill and what was there is no longer.  The varieties of transformation are infinite. In person or through visual media, we see mountain creeks become rivers, land masses vanish, trees uprooted, roads crumble, ice melting and embankments disappear.  The landscape transforms in unpredictable, capricious and haphazard ways.  Oil paintings utilize geometric shapes to reflect the landscape and its shifting patterns.  Rain and running water, which cause erosion, creates many different shapes.  As permafrost melts it takes on the shape of a polygon. 
The computer-generated images digital prints include original work, primarily photographs, as well as, maps, diagrams and photographs primarily taken from the internet.  The data about climate change relates to the various geographic areas that are utilized to create each of the works.  All of the pieces are layered to tell a story about entire countries, states or parts of either, including the changes that are predicted or have already happened.

Ann R. Shapiro
201 East 28th Street
New York, New York 10016
(917) 414-8632

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Solo Exhibitions:

2021Vanishing, Ceres Gallery, April 27 – May 22, 2021
2018Rising Atlantic, Ceres Gallery, April 24-May 19
2015World in Transformation, Ceres Gallery, March 31–April 25
2013Random Topography, Ceres Gallery, NYC, February 5–March 2
2010Altered Landscapes, Ceres Gallery, Nov. 2 – Nov. 27
2008Seas Rising, Ceres Gallery, NYC, Sept. 30-Oct. 25  
2006Impact, Ceres Gallery, NYC. March 28 – April 22

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2022Terra inFirma, Alper JCC, Miami.FL
2020Life as It is Now, Ceres Gallery, September 8-26
2019Exposure: Endangered Earth, Ceres Gallery December 10-14
2018Terra InFirma, Heller Museum, Hebrew Union College, NYC
2016Maps, Traveling Show, Hebrew Union College, NYC
2014Personal Histories, Redland Museum, (Cleveland, Queensland, Australia), Oct. 12 – Nov. 30
Cartography: Artists as Map Makers, Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn, NY June 6-August 17
2013-15Alternet, Traveling, John C. Hart Memorial Library, 
2015     Shrub Oak, NY, February–March 30, 2011, The Greenburgh Public Library, Elmsford, NY, April 6-September, The Chappaqua Library, October–November 2013, Field Library, Peekskill, NY,  December  2013 –January 2014, Tomkins Public Library, Ithaca, NY, March– May 2014,
Central Library Rochester and Monroe, NY, March–May 2014, Asheville Bookworks, Asheville, NC, August- September  2013, Cohen Library Archives, City College of 
NY, October-November 2014, Teaneck Public Library, Teaneck, NJ  November-Deceber 2014, Alice Curtis Desmond and Hamilton Fish Library, February-March 2015, The Butterfield Library, Cold Spring, NY, April-May, March 23 – May 23, 2015, Galesburg Civic Art Center, Galesberg. IL, June 1- August 11, 2015


2021Fragile Earth, Fran Belalor and Barbara Sherman, Co-Curators, 
 https://nyartistcircle,com/curated-shows/fragile-earth#gallery97-39 March 1- May 1
2019Exposure: Endangered Earth, Ceres Gallery December 10-14
20182018  CLIMATE CHANGE PANEL, Ceres Gallery, Organizer and         
Moderator, Participants  Dr. Nigella Hillgarth, Former CEO of the New England Aquarium, Founding Member of the Ocean Collectiv, Marcia  Annenberg, Artist, with an interest in the untold stories of climate , Alice LeBlanc, Sr. change, Environmental Economist, Sr. Economist, Environmental Defense Fund; Director,  Climate Change, AIG


Hebrew Union College, New York City, NY
New Hampshire College, Manchester, NH
Brooklyn Museum of Art Library, Brooklyn, NY
Museum of Modern Art Library, New York City, NY
National Museum of Women in the Arts Library, Washington, DC
The Akin Free Library and Museums, Pawling, NY 
Whitney Museum of American Art Library


New York University, PhD, NYC, NY
Columbia University, Teachers College, M.A.,  NYC, NY
Simmons College, B.S., Boston, MA
Joseph Wolins Studio, New York City, NY
Art Students League,  New York City, NY
School of Visual Arts,  New York City, NY
Manhattan Graphics Center,  New York City, NY
City College Graduate Center,  New York City, NY
National Academy of Art,  New York City,