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Gallery I
January 4 – 29, 2022

Pamela Flynn
Facing Time

Reception: Thursday, January 6, 6-8pm

Looking into the Depths, 2020, 12×12, Seed beads on canvas

Ceres Gallery is pleased to announce Pamela Flynn’s Facing Time, an exhibition of a new body of mixed media work.  The exhibition marks Flynn’s second solo exhibit with Ceres Gallery. 

Facing Time explores the notion of memento mori. The main gallery space features 16 mixed media oil paintings that allude to the passing of time. The motif used in these works is floral with an ever present black beaded circle slowly edging out the flowers. The remainder of the gallery space has fourteen small mixed media works that indentify the black circle as being fear. These pieces are darker and less joyful, with a final sculpture elevating fear onto a plinth.

Typical of Flynn’s work, each piece is process intense, allowing her to contemplate and to be one with the work as each piece takes form. Her use of hand placed seed beads on the oil paintings brings a three dimensional aspect to the work, giving them a sculptural relief quality. 

Flynn gives no answers in her work, she only contemplates reality and asks the viewer to do the same. 

The artist will be in the gallery by appointment.

Gallery II
January 4 – 29, 2022


Curated by Christine Mottau

Ceres Gallery presents HYSTERICAL, curated by artist, Christine Mottau.

14 artists respond to the idea of women being branded HYSTERICAL as explored in feminist film maker Kate Novack’s HYSTERICAL GIRL. The exhibition ranges in medium and tone, providing both personal and political resonance. 

Stefany Benson
Anne Drager
Mimi Fisher
Susan Grabel
Nicole Heinze
Melanie Hickerson
Tania Kravath
Anne Mondro
Gabrielle Muller
Kate Novack
Mary Alice Orito
Anna Pierce
Irina Sheynfeld
Emily Spadafora

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February 1 – 26, 2022

Solo / Duo
Liz Ndoye and Jo-Ann Brody