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Gallery I
September 7 – October 3, 2021
Reception: Thursday September 9, 6-8 PM

Madelon Jones

Aqua, 2021, Mixed media collage, 30 x 40″

Madelon Jones’s new body of work draws from subtle expressions of the subconscious and the spontaneity of curvilinear line. These mixed media panels combine mystical, indistinct environments defined by brushstroke and colorful, curving paper forms cut from the artist’s prints. 

The artist sees each panel as a room, a portal to an abstract world eliciting the movements of air or water. Her images expand through color and shape into a dynamic expression of life in the sky or the sea. Each piece depicts a constant motion, a mysterious, looming image, or a swirling exuberance of living shapes that call to mind birds, fish, flowers, and celestial symbols. 
To be Weightless is to be joyous, to float in an endless sea or fly through the sky. These paintings fuel the imagination offering an escape from the confines of the pandemic and an artistic effusion of hope. 

Madelon Jones has been working as a painter and printmaker for over 40 years. Her work has always revolved around nature and the natural world. She graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and did graduate work at NYU and Bob Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop. She was the executive director of the Lower East Side Printshop and a member of the board of City Arts Workshop. Her works can be found in boardrooms (AT&T), and private collections (Norton Simon) and others throughout the United States and Internationally. 

Gallery II
September 7 – October 3, 2021
Reception: Thursday September 9, 6-8 PM

Hello World: Cloud Storage 2.0
A transparent installation
Shirley Steele

Cloud Storage: Hello World, 2019 Installation, Ink and acrylic paint on transparent acetate

Ceres Gallery is pleased to present Shirley Steele’s Hello World: Cloud Storage 2.0. In this installation, a transparent cloud of acetate, print, and paint, Steele explores the idea that humans continuously reinvent written language. Each piece in the multi-piece installation displays the tech meme “Hello World” in a different language and writing system. Familiar tech symbols (emojis, location balloons, etc.) are randomly interwoven with the text. These old and new symbolic systems invite the viewer to imagine the creation of visual language as an ongoing, living human endeavor. 

Shirley Steele’s creative process combines new media techniques (computer coding) with traditional methods (painting and drawing). Her work may be found in universities and research centers, in private collections in the US and Europe, and sometimes in lights projected on building facades.

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