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Gallery I & II
January 6–30, 2021

Regina Corritore, Untitled, watercolor on paper, 14 x 36″

Outside My Oeuvre

Ceres Gallery presents Outside My Oeuvrea works on paper group exhibition. This show of more than twenty-five artists was conceived in response to their need to exhibit work that was created in unexpected ways, in unexpected places, using unexpected materials or sources, or whose creation was preparatory, whimsical, fanciful, impulsive, playful or in response to outside circumstances or events. In 2020, activities in physical spaces were greatly curtailed; socializing was restricted and human contact often only virtual. This presented both challenges and opportunities to many of our artists. Some of the work in this exhibition can be seen as a response to difficult times and ultimately produced work that, in some cases, surprised even the artist herself.

There are pieces in Outside My Oeuvre made as part of a path to the artists’ major work; some is work that arose from seeing and being inspired by exhibitions in galleries or museums and yet other work seems to have been created on a lark. Many of the participating artists have contributed works on paper even though their dominant medium is sculpture or painting. In some cases this work was approached in a non-serious manner and in other cases as a necessary part of the artists’ development. 

Moreover, much of the work, though strong, may never have been shown at all because it would have been extraneous to the artists’ solo exhibition. Although there was a wide range of how and why these works were produced, taken together, the more than fifty pieces make up a delightful and exhilarating, sometimes magical, visual experience and the defining requirement of difference, ironically, produced a cohesive and edifying exhibition.

Participating Artists:
Marilyn Banner, Kyra Belan, Stefany Benson, Jo-Ann Brody, Pauline Chernichaw, Regina Corritore, Anne Drager, Hagar Fletcher, Pamela Flynn, Susan Grabel, Judith Greenwald, Marsha Heller, Hollis Hildebrand-Mills, Tania Kravath, Chalda Maloff, Lynne Mayocole, Ruth Bauer Neustadter, Mary Alice Orito, Francine Perman, Elizabeth Downer Riker, Phyllis Rosser, Pamela Shields, Ann R. Shapiro, Michelle Stone, Maria Torffield, Kathlene Tracy, Vivian Tsao, Michaela de Vivero, Judy Werlin

A Virtual Show on Artsy
January 1–31, 2021

Kyra Belan, Global Climate Strike, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30″, 2019
Marilyn Banner, Travelers, encaustic on wood, 24 x 12″, 2020


Click here for Virtual Show on Artsy

Ceres Gallery is pleased to present Resolutions, an exhibit of 17 artworks in varied mediums.  Embarking on the coming year, the gallery artists present artwork embodying a renewed sense of purpose, tenacity, and steadfastness.
Working in such diverse media as encaustic, textile, oil paint, and digital art, each artist brings a personal vision to the coming year. 
Says Kyra Belan of her piece Global Climate Strike: “This artwork expresses my concern about climate change and its impact on our Mother Earth and its drastic effects on our environment and the future of this planet.”  
Marilyn Banner sees cooperation as a key objective going forward.  Her piece Travelers is inspired by the growth and persistence of lichen. “Lichen requires close cooperation between two separate substances, proliferates beautifully, keeps going, survives on many substrates, and thrives.” 

Participating artists in the exhibit: Marilyn Banner, Kyra Belan, Jo-Ann Brody, Pauline Chernichaw, Elizabeth Downer Riker, Anne Drager, Hagar Fletcher, Susan Grabel, Judith Greenwald, Hollis Hildebrand-Mills, Madelon Jones, Heidi Kumao, Chalda Maloff, Mary Alice Orito, Francine Perlman, Ann R. Shapiro, and Micaela de Vivero.

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Upcoming February 2 – 27, 2021

Susan Grabel

Homeless in the Land of Plenty

Francine Perlman

Gone…But Maybe Not