Jane Stevens


Jane Stevens is a photographer, curator, and art educator whose work focuses on both personal and natural landscapes.

As an artist/photographer, she works with light. Photography is about light and photosensitive materials. The process itself is magical. The photographic images are visual metaphors for the artist’s transformative process and journey of reclaiming a sense of self and connection to the world/community.

Stevens has published six books on Chicago artists including: “Dusty’s House: Photographs by Jane Stevens”, “Don Seiden: An Artist’s Life.”, From Light to Dark: The Life and Work of Ellen Roth Deutsch”, “The Legacy Continues: The Chicago Society of Artists”, “Barbara Aubin: A Life of Art 1928 – 2014”, and “Points of Departure: Photographs by Jane Stevens.”

Jane Stevens
Chicago, IL


2011“Points of Departure: Photographs by Jane Stevens”, Ceres Gallery, NY, NY
“Le Genie de la Bastille”, Espace Kiron, Paris, France
“Women’s Nature”, Ceres Gallery, New York City
2010“Resurrection & Death”, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
“Chicago Society of Artists”, Bloomingdale Park District Museum,
Bloomingdale, IL
2009“Life’s Crossings”, Bulgarian Artists Exchange exhibition, Zadar City, Croatia
“Collaboration Group Exhibition” ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
2007“Presence in Time: Photographs by Jane Stevens” Ceres Gallery, New York
2004“Passages: Photograms by Jane Stevens” Ceres Gallery, New York
2002Our Ancestors’ Land: A Project by Jane Stevens” Ceres Project Room at TheElizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York. A collaborative video installation.
2000“Wired Women: On The Verge of a Digital Renaissance”, Three Arts Club Gallery, Chicago, IL1998
“Reintegrating the Past: Photographs by Jane Stevens”, ARC Gallery, Chicago
“SWAN Exchange”, Sydney College Gallery, Sydney, Australia
“Whispers ‘98″, The Morris Center, San Francisco, California
1997“Time Passes” group exhibition, Ceres Gallery, New York, N.Y.The Toronto/Chicago Exchange Project”, Toronto, Canada
“Una Ventana Al Mundo”, Galeria Tonalli. Mexico City, Mexico
“Jane Stevens/Robert Walker”, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
1992“Women in Photography”, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL
1991“Alternative Photography”, Ohio State University, Pearl Conrad Gallery
“Women in Photography International Exhibition”, Traveling exhibition:
Accademia di Belle Arte, Catania, Italy; Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden, The Royal Photographic Society, Bath, England


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University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts; Center for Media Study, State University of New York at Buffalo;  School of the Art Institute of Chicago; University of Illinois, Chicago


2003Rockefeller Fellowship in the Humanities, The Newberry Library, Chicago
2001Illinois Arts Council, Special Assistance Grant, Exhibition Support
1998Illinois Arts Council, Special Assistance Grant, Conference
1991Community Arts Assistance Program Grant, Photography, City of Chicago