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January 30 -February 24, 2018
Gallery I

Displacement: Women's Journeys
Curated by Pauline Chernichaw and Aldara Ortega 

Thursday, February 1, 6-8pm


Ruth Bauer Neustadter
Dare Boles
Pauline Chernichaw
Regina Corritore
Ellen Denuto
Alice Harrison
Marsha Heller
Susan Hogan
Miru Kim
Libbet Loughnan
Grace Matthews
Irmari Nacht
Nancy Nikkal
Aldara Ortega
Irina Sheynfeld
Trix Rosen
Susan Sinek
Arlene Sokolow
Elizabeth Rundquist
Joyce-Ellen Weinstein

Ceres Gallery New York is pleased to host the group exhibition, Displacement: Women's Journeys. The photo-based exhibition, co-curated by artists Pauline Chernichaw and Aldara Ortega, features twenty women artists and artactivists chosen from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Showcasing photography and mixed media, the participating artists have created dramatically bold works of art. The selection of artworks on exhibit brings a pressing awareness to the unprecedented social, sociopolitical and socioeconomic issues related to the changing cultures and global movement of women. Furthermore the works give an outspoken and powerful voice to the personal journeys of the artists.

It has been documented that in the past half century, women have made up half of the world's migrants. The visually unsettling narratives by Libbet Loughnan and Elizabeth Rundquist poignantly depict the ongoing worldwide refugee crisis clearly facing women today who are desperately seeking a safe sanctuary and resettlement far from their plac of birth.

In contrast, the provocatively compelling and inward-looking works by Ellen Denuto, Alice Harrison, Grace Matthews, Irmari Nacht, Nancy Nikkal and Joyce-Ellen Weinstein symbolize women's private journeys regarding empowerment. These disquieting female portraitsunderscore women' soul-searching drive towards self-discovery, self-realization, healing and survival against all odds.

Equally captivating are the migratory visual narratives as depicted by Dare Boles, Pauline Chernichaw, Regina Corritore, Miru Kim, Aldara Ortega and Susan Sinek. Evoking a more contemplative and liberating exploration of women and global migration, these artists focus on the role that the displacement of women and their voluntary or involuntary global journeys have had on the world stage.

The profoundly moving and thought-provoking artworks by Pauline Chernichaw, Irina Sheynfeld, and Arlene Sokolow commemorate the heroic undertakings made by women survivors of the holocaust who fearlessly crossed the Atlantic Ocean to rebuild their lives in the United States. In the same vein, Ruth Bauer Neustadter, Marsha Heller, Trix Rosen and Susan Hogan's reflective works pay tribute to the fortitude of their female ancestry. These women courageously fled their homelands in pursuit of their dreams for a better life for themselves and their families.

With an insightfully alluring candidness, the artists in the exhibition have produced significant works of art that call attention to the world-wide displacement of women. Together, they capture and celebrate the pioneering resourcefulness and unshakable perseverance of the female spirit.

January 30 - February 24, 2018
Gallery II

Libbet Loughnan
Your Mind Mined 

Thursday, February 1, 6-8pm


"On the Farm," Acrylic on board, 10 X 8 inches, 2015

Ceres Gallery New York, is pleased to present Libbet Loughnan's second NYC solo exhibition, based around a theme of contemporary commissioned portraits. While many commissions are private, a number have been loaned back exclusively for this exhibition and the artist has included storylines about how each came about. 

Some sitters look at sitting as old hat, and for others, becoming a painting is an intrepid journey of personal discovery. The pieces echo celebrations of human relationships. Commissioning a portrait is always a purposeful and intimate event initiated in the thoughts of the commissioner in reflection on the sitter, and flavored and executed by the painter who was privileged enough to be invited in. One evolved from a flippant but fun and welcome WhatsApp the artist received from the director of an art fair, and some from involved, savored conversations and meetings on symbolism and composition. Some are commissioned by the sitter, some by the sitter's lover or child. One painting of a nude usually hangs in situ downtown where it was composed -a double-take view into a room within a room.

The style, execution and size of these small bright and dark figurative acrylics will be immediately recognizable to those already familiar with Loughnan's work. In a striking contrast of scale, the exhibition also showcases Loughnan's newest series of paintings documenting the first pregnancy of one particular NYC woman, her partner and their dogs. These paintings, with their use of bright acrylic, are a clear celebration of new life and the body, and explode large like a summer's day into NYC's winter.

Libbet Loughnan is a multi-award winning artist from Australia, and also spends much of her time in NYC and Mexico. The artist's paintings and sculptures reflect a childhood rich in family warmth under the Australian sun, stories encountered across countries in adult life, and a desire for more reflection on the place of humans within nature. Her works can be found in collections worldwide (USA, Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico, and Thailand). Loughnan has enjoyed solo shows in the USA (NYC), the Philippines (Cebu), and Australia (Melbourne and Geelong), as well as representation in art fairs in NYC, Gwangju and Osaka.

Upcoming: February 27 - March 24, 2018

Joyce Parcher,
Figure It Out: Then and No

Marsha Heller
The Sky's the Limit

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