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October 31 - November 25, 2017
Gallery I

Christine Mottau

Reception: November 2, 6-8pm

Mottau meditation
meditation 1, oil on line, 14 x 18 inches, 2016-17

Ceres Gallery  is pleased to announce Christine Mottau's In-Sight-Out, an exhibition of recent paintings. The exhibition marks Mottau's eighth solo show with the gallery..
In-Sight-Out presents Christine Mottau's new body of abstract oil paintings, made in 2016 and 2017, based on chakra meditation theory. The show represents a turn inward after her previous exhibition of landscape paintings. Ranging in size from small (8"x10") to monumental (6'x8'), Mottau's abstractions are a highly personal exploration of the imagery she envisioned while practicing meditation. The paintings record a visual expression of the transportive experience-a balancing of the physical, emotional and spiritual selves.
Despite its emphasis on inner worlds, In-Sight-Out exemplifies Mottau's distinctive interest in color and light by capturing swirling psychic energy with luminous reds, shimmering purples and searing greens. Using a unique glazing technique, Mottau layers translucent colors to construct an immersive sense of form and depth. With little discernible brushwork, each abstraction appears ephemeral, evocative of transitory images coming into consciousness.
Throughout her work, Mottau aims to portray a sense of beauty that can emotionally connect with viewers in an increasingly chaotic world. Particularly at a time when it seems like conflict is an inescapable part of everyday life, Mottau's paintings create a necessary space of tranquility and gesture toward individual and collective transcendence.
Christine Mottau has exhibited regularly in solo and group exhibitions in American galleries since the 1980s. Living and working In New York and Spencertown, NY, she was educated at the Art Institute of Boston and the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. Her work is represented by Ceres Gallery, where she has shown her paintings, drawings and paper sculptures in both solo and group shows.

October 31 - November 25, 2017
Gallery II

Curated by Susan Kaplow & Pam Shields

Reception: November 2, 6-8pm

vulvacularr image
Cristina Stott, Vulvacular

Ceres Gallery is proud to present Vulvacular, art that celebrates the power and beauty of the vulva by 19 artists working in ceramics, drawing, fiber and fabric, painting, wood and collage. The artworks are passionate and playful, sexy and defiant, poignant and spiritual.
Celebrating the vulva is a radical act in a world that values male over female sexual pleasure, tolerates female genital mutilation and views the vulva as ugly and unfit as a subject of art. Celebrating the vulva is a healing gesture in a world where the word "clitoris" is rarely pictured or spoken, although this part of the vulva is the source of women's erotic pleasure. Celebrating the vulva is a life-saving necessity at a time when women's power and women's rights are under attack in our country and around the world.
Art--both the making and the viewing-- is an act of resistance to these anti-woman forces. Making the vulva visible, beautiful, powerful and fierce has empowered theartists whose works make up the Vulvacular show. The curators hope the act of seeing these works will inspire the viewer to recognize the vulva as a source and expression of women's power.

 Works from thegallery show and many more can be seen click here



Wednesday, November 8, 2017, 7-9pm

A free screening of VULVA 3.0, a documentary surveying attitudes towards women's genitals through history to the present.               

Vulva 3.0 demonstrates the current attacks on and degradation of the vulva and the forms of resistance to these attacks by educators, scholars and activists.Three of our gallery artists will comment after the film, highlighting the ways in which their art practice has been another form of resistance:
Betty Dodson
is a pioneering sex educator devoted to women's body and Liberating Masturbation. Trained as an artist, she made pro-woman, pro-sex paintings and drawings, two of which are on view inVulvacular
Sana Musasama is a ceramic artist and professor of art at Hunter College Her Unspeakable series, an array of ceramic and multi-media vulvas, was inspired by her stay in an African village where she witnessed first-hand the effect of female genital mutilation on the girls she knew. Selected works from this series are on view in the Vulvacular.
Pam Shields, 
the co-curator of Vulvacular, has created two major bodies of work devoted to the vulva: the Masturbation Series and Project S. Her charcoal drawings highlight the uniqueness of each woman's vulva and the beauty of this diversity. Pam's Yonification is on view in the Vulvacular


Upcoming November 28 - December 23, 2017


10 simultaneous exhibitions each week for 4 weeks

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