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April 30 - May 25, 2019
Gallery I

Forward Together Digital fabrications in wood and steel
Susan Grabel

Thursday, May 2, 6-8pm

I am a figurative sculptor and printmaker. My work deals with the human dimensions of social issues. I have explored such issues as consumerism, homelessness, alienation and aging women’s bodies which I express through the mediums of clay, cast paper, prints and mixed media.

Forward Together, an exhibition of my digitally fabricated work in wood and steel, expresses my vision that the only way for civilization to survive is for people to embrace their shared humanity and move forward together.  My work is a metaphor for this path to survival and is enhanced by the color of the wood stains as well as the forms and rhythms of the positive and negative spaces. 

This exhibition is a further iteration of my prior work in Confluence: The Way Forward, an exhibition I mounted in 2016. It expands thecontent and utilizes the processes of new technology and the expertise I found at the Staten Island Maker Space.

April 30 - May 25, 2019
Gallery II

Dearly Beloveds
Lynne Mayocole

Reception: Thursday, May 2, 6-8pm

Dearly Beloveds:  Flowering Thoughts
By Joan Marter

Ceramic sculptures by Lynne Mayocole are bodies adorned with vivid flowers. Some are adults, and others are children covered with daisies. A self-portrait of the artist is suspended above, and sheds crystal tears.   These small figures, displayed in varying positions reference the reality of life itself. Our mortal existence will end someday, and dear friends or relatives will be mourned.

The artist acknowledges the loss of some very close friends, whom she saw regularly, her neighbors and and confidantes, Connie Robins and Sal Romano. After their passing, the poetry of Connie remains, but her voice is lost. Sal’s work still embraces us, and copper and brass shine forth.

Other musings found in Lynne Mayocole’s recent work are her studies of weather presented as clouds and raindrops. Diagnosed with cancer, Mayocole reacts with the ambivalence and concern of many who face life-threatening illnesses. There are good days, positive thoughts, and discouraging, ominous, moments. Red Tears Silver Lining and Shaky Weather address the confusion of hope and fear. Tears of joy can emerge from the clouds, or alternate with tears of sorrow. Cover Me is a masked image as a self-portrait covered with small papers that hide but do not shield the ravages to the body caused by scars. Her audience will be asked to continue the “covering” process.

“Dearly Beloveds” is an address that can be used for happy occasions like a wedding, or for the most profound moments of sadness. Strange that these words are appropriate for the tragic experience of burying the dead, or the joyous, inspiring moments of joining a couple in marriage.  Dearly beloveds are honored or deceased, but otherwise present always.

Lynne Mayocole also gives her viewers a strongly-abiding vision of joy.  Flowering thoughts look ahead to views of flowers and singing birds.  There is hope that the beloved will remain among the living. And flowers with their opulence and brilliant hues will proclaim an end to all sadness. 

May 28 - June 22, 2019

Ruth Bauer Neustadter

Anne Mondro
Of All the Souls that Stand Create

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