Carol Goebel


 Transformation and simplicity embody Goebel’s sculptures. She states, “I am interested in the transformative nature of art- in the use of materials, in the art making process, and in the psyche of the viewer. The use of “scrap metal” as a source of art supplies has inspired in her an excitement about the limitless possibilities of creating with society’s cast off objects. These objects have had a previous life and whisper stories of people who have used them- made them, touched them, worked with them, and discarded them. Goebel searches out rusty farm tools, cast iron parts, and bits of forged metal; cuts them up, and recombines them, welding new gestalts. Fusing these disparate pieces into a single compact whole by heating the parts until molten becomes an alchemic transmutation. As native peoples use the materials at hand, Goebel tries to express an intragral relationship between daily life and the natural environment.
In recent installations, Goebel invents new life forms. Starkly lyrical birds fly up and across a suggested horizon line running around the gallery walls. Twisting and torquing, wriggling and flying, these deftly balanced agglomerations attempt to propel themselves from the walls in a habitat that speaks of age and time and the endurance of material and spirit.

Carol Goebel


2007Ceres Gallery, New York, NY, “Fly Away”
2006Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York, NY, “Flying Migration”
2005Ceres Gallery, New York, NY, “Flying Home”
Square One Gallery, New York, NY, “Union Square Migration”
2003Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York , NY, “Recent Sculpture”
Ceres Gallery , New York , NY, “Upward Bound”
2001Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York , NY, “On the Move”
2000Ceres Gallery, New York, NY, “Moving On”
1998Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York , NY , “Moving Up”
Ceres Gallery,“Flyers & Swimmers; Creepers & Crawlers”, New York, NY
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Queens Museum of Art at Bulova Center, Queens, NY, “Myth From Metal”
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1989Broadway Windows, New York , NY, “Guardian Spirits”
1987Ceres Gallery , New York, NY, “Rust Never Sleeps”
1985Ceres Gallery, New York, NY, “Spirit Tools”
1979Chuck Levitan Gallery, New York, NY
1975Open Studio, New York, NY, “Ceramic Sculpture”
1970Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY


2009Ceres Gallery, New York, NY, “Responsory: Take and Give”
2008Metropolitan College, New York, NY, “Alchemy”
1989Grand Windows, Grand Central Terminal, NYC, “Multiple Dwelling”
Manhattan Community College, NYC, “From Tool to Myth”
1986Erector Square Gallery, New Haven, CT
1985Douglass College, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, “Women Artists Series”
1976Chuck Levitan Gallery, New York, NY


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2003Coordinator, “Ceres at 20 Birthday Duet” Ceres, New York, NY
1996Curator, “L. x W. x D. = ?”, Two Part wall sculpture exhibition, Visual Arts Program
1996Curator, “L. x W. x H. = ?” St. Mark’s Church-in-the Bowery, New York, NY
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1992-88President, Ceres
1991Coordinator, “Voices for Choice” exhibitions at A.I.R., Ceres, Soho 20
1990-88Treasurer, NY Women’s Caucus for Art


1970MFA Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
1968BFA Miami University, Oxford, Ohio