Judith Greenwald



From a wide array of materials, I create assemblage paintings that are intended to be emotionally resonant and evocative. My visual language has a powerful physicality. Sometimes architect, I build up surfaces with oriental and hand made papers, paint, plaster, wood, sand, and found objects—layering, adding materials, arranging space and rearranging it.   Sometimes archeologist, I dig, gauge, peel, probe, sand, and scratch my surfaces.

The work portrays not only the complexity of the surface itself– the dynamic interplay of form, color, and texture– but also the mysteries which lie beneath the surface, the layers of life and experience that are always present but never entirely visible.

Psychotherapist as well as artist, I am drawn to the creative process as a vital and liberating expression of human experience. My work has always been deeply personal.    The paintings, themselves, are simultaneously strong and fragile, conveying both process and the arresting intricacy of inner life.  

Judith Greenwald
Studio: 321 Wadsworth Hill Road, East Chatham, NY 12060
Phone:718-788-3778 / 518-794-7539


2018LifeLine, Ceres Gallery, New York City 
2015Layers, Ceres Gallery, New York City
2013Spirit, Ceres Gallery, New York City
2010POEM, Ceres Gallery, New York City
2008reVISION , Ceres Gallery, NYC
2005Witness/Ethiopia, Ceres Gallery, NYC
2003Perspective, Ceres Gallery, NYC
2000Multiple Surfaces/Multiple Selves, Ceres Gallery, NYC
1998Transitional Spaces, Ceres Gallery, New York City
1997Transitional Spaces , Spencertown Academy, Spencertown, NY
 The Gallery, 2 Depot, Chatham, NY


2021Outside my Oeuvre, Ceres Gallery, New York City 
2011Affordable Art Fair, NYC
2011Women’s Nature, Ceres Gallery, NYC
2009Shimmerings, Ceres Gallery, New York City
2009Towing the Line, Ceres Gallery, New York City
2007Scratching the Surface, Ceres Gallery, NYC
2006Square Show, Ceres Gallery, NYC
2005Issues and Angles, Ceres Gallery, NYC
2004Square Show, Ceres Gallery, NYC
2003Square Show, Ceres Gallery, NYC
2002Transformations, Lamia Ink, Sakai City Municipal Museum, Japan
Transformations, Lamia Ink, Florence Lynch Gallery, NYC
1999Summer Ensemble, Ceres Gallery, NYC
1996Spencertown Academy Benefit Show: Habitat for Humanity
Park Row Gallery, 10th Anniversary Show, Chatham, NY
Lulu’s Gallery, Albany, NY
Twentieth Annual Small Works Show, NYC
1995Spencertown Academy Juried Show, Spencertown, NY (third prize)
Art on the Block, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY
1994Mertz, Ward-Nasse Gallery, NYC
OIA Salon Show, New York City
Open/Shut: Exploring Women’s Lives, The Crystal Quilt, NYC
1993Holiday Salon Show, Ceres Gallery, NYC
Women’s Ways of SeeingII, The Crystal Quilt, NYC
1992Women’s Ways of Seeing, The Crystal Quilt, NYC


2001Encaustic, R+F Studios
1999Mixed media with Juliet Holland
1998Mixed media with Juliet Holland
1997Critique class with Nancy Azara
1996Critique class with Nancy Azara
1995Critique class with Nancy Azara
1994Monoprinting with Lisa Mackie; Bob Blackburn Studio
1993Monoprinting with Lisa Mackie; Bob Blackburn Studio
1993Sculptural papermaking; Dieu Donne Papermill
1992Papermaking; Interlaken School of Art
1993Collage with Bruce Dorfman; The New School, Art Student’s League
1992Collage with Bruce Dorfman; The New School, Art Student’s League
1991Collage with Bruce Dorfman; The New School, Art Student’s League
1990Collage with Bruce Dorfman; The New School, Art Student’s League
1990Critique class with Lillian Ball
1989Critique class with Lillian Ball