Liz Ndoye


I love the art of traditional peoples – what some might call “tribal” peoples. I honor and emulate their work. I borrow from their techniques and palette but I do not try to copy their ways or ideas or beliefs. I try to learn from their mastery and blend my imagery and thoughts with what I learn from looking at their art. Having had the privilege of living amongst and teaching Aboriginal people in the top end of Australia I am most drawn to their extraordinary work.

While doing doctoral research, I had the immense pleasure of looking at a vast collection of Aboriginal bark paintings in the collection of The American Museum of Natural History in NYC. My professor at that time recognized my passion for Aboriginal art and challenged me to make a painting in the Aboriginal style but with my own symbols and stories.

This challenge has held me in its grip on and off for 40 years and has been instrumental in my creation of my doll culture. It has inspired me to make many many dolls from fabric I have collected on my travels around the world and has spurred me to make many drawings, paintings and installations that tell the stories and myths of the dolls that inhabit the imaginary doll world I have created for them. 


Liz Ndoye is a mixed media artist who enjoys using found and recycled materials to create cross-cultural artifacts like her dolls. Made from fabrics and bits and pieces of stuff that she has collected during her travels all over the world, as well as, everyday “throwaways” like plastic bags, they simulate objects from traditional cultures.

In fact, she is continuing to create a new culture for her doll creatures. The doll culture has its own universals including: a written alphabet and language, a governmental system, a religion and spiritual life, a complex family structure, aesthetics and culture, financial system, and an active play and entertainment sector.

Liz Ndoye 


2020 Fairleigh Dickinson University 
2019 Ceres Gallery, NY, NY 
2016Ceres Gallery, NY, NY 
2013Ceres Gallery, NY, NY
2011Ceres Gallery, NY, NY
2012Hoboken Historical Museum, Hoboken, NJ
2009Ceres Gallery, NY, NY
2007hob’art, Sovereign Bank, Hoboken, NJ
2006Ceres Gallery, NY, NY
2005hob’art, Sovereign Bank, Hoboken, NJ
2003Ceres Gallery, NY, NY
2001Hoboken Gourmet, Hoboken, NJ
1999Barnes and Noble, Hoboken, Nj
1996-2010Open Studio Tour, Hoboken, NJ


2011Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Hoboken, NJ
Simply Small, Conveyor Arts, Hoboken, NJ
2010Small Works, Windows on Washington, Hoboken, NJ
Mapping Race, Distillery Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
Making Waves, Paterson Art Walk, Paterson, NJ
Binaries, Watchung Art Center, Watchung, NJ
2009Eureka Gallery, Two Person Show, Hoboken, NJ
Pro Art, Canco Building, Jersey City, NJ
Ceres Gallery, NY, NY
hob’art, Hoboken, NJ
1778 Gallery, Maplewood, NJ
Paterson Art Walk, Paterson, NJ
2008Viridian Artists Gallery, NY, NY
Garden of Eden, Hoboken, NJ
2008hob’art, Sovereign Bank, Hoboken, NJ
2007hob’art, Sovereign Bank, Hoboken, NJ
2007hob’art ISO Building, Jersey City, NJ
2006Letters to the President, Ceres Gallery, NY, NY
In Touch with Art, Brennan Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
2005hob’art, Independence Bank, Hoboken, NJ
hob’art, Symposia, Hoboken, NJ
hob’art, Independence Bank, Hoboken, NJ
hob’art, Steven’s Institute, Hoboken, NJ


Founder/President, hob’art, an art organization based in Hoboken, NJ
Pro-Arts, Jersey City, NJ
Member of Ceres, an Artists Coop, NY, NY


1980-85ABD, NYU, NY, NY
1973Elementary Teaching Credential, University of California at Berkeley, CA
1970B.A, Studio Art, Douglass College, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ