Michelle Stone



michelle stone——-shadows and substance

Human-like forms flex their adaptability to find a habitat .

Thick, dense, textured facades, layered with acrylic paint, and mixed up mediums

Become a metaphor that alludes to dimensions of complexity inherent in people.

Reliefs, paintings, drawings , sculptures, and installations.

Species of creatures relate to each other appearing

as clumps of debris , vestiges of people, animals or hybrid fragments.

They reflect various contextual relationships, solo, connected

In nature, integration continues

Garden detritus, heads, creatures, couples, shadows

Surviving alone, clustered in groups, and battling duos

Climbing walls, laying on floors,

hanging, merging, escaping, melting ,crawling

struggling under impasto, plastic, surface skin

Transforming space- Space transforming them

Emerging as vulnerable figures discussing our human condition.

Michelle Stone