Kathlene Tracy



I perceive art as an expression that is less obstructive in conveying an understanding to oneself and others than other forms of communication. My works challenge myself and viewers to become more aware of their thoughts and surroundings by bringing forth concepts through each stroke of charcoal.

By working large scale with many drawings being approximately five feet, I allow myself and the viewer to enter into the drawing. One becomes immersed in shadows and light with even the most subtle textures available to be experienced. As a viewer becomes intimate with the rendering of my subject matter that sparked the inspiration, an exchange of thought occurs provoking new understanding or meaning or perhaps an unveiling of a past memory.

The passion I feel when my hands and fingertips run across paper and capture an image or thought in charcoal is overwhelming. I simply love to draw and this love has been with me as early as could be remembered. I would draw endlessly as a child on grocery bags that I used for paper. Today, this drive and commitment to this medium is still present and has never waivered.

Because of my early interest in drawing, I began art classes at the same time as beginning school winning national juried competitions and also pursued higher education for understanding human behavior that led to a current faculty position at New York University and previous faculty position at Yale University in the department of psychiatry. I continually pursued studies and a career in both visual art and innovative approaches to facilitate recovery psychiatric disorders viewing each pursuit as a compliment to the other. I have been represented by three New York City galleries and have participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions of my work.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

Kathlene Tracy